So after a number of years of playing about with diffs, we have developed a reputation for developing and fitting beautifully engineered differentials which make a big difference to the performance of BMW M cars. Modern differential ratios are invariably pretty high geared for all sorts of emissions and economy reasons and although most modern BMW's are now limited to 155 mph - the reality is that for practical usage - even enthusiastic use on trackdays at fast circuits which favour high top speeds - most cars are delivered over geared - I mean how often are you going to reach over 180+ mph on a regular basis?

A shorter differential - gearing your E9X to a theoretical 170 maximum top speed can make a difference to real world acceleration and pick up through the gears on road and even fast circuit usage - hence our very popular 4.1 and 4.4 wavetrack differential packages.

Every so often though, as new models come out, increasing use of electronics and interaction of the differential with other systems in a modern BMW mean that we have to do a bit of R & D to present a solution to the enthusiastic customer who wants a purpose built bespoke differential solution.

Our customer - certainly could be described at the very enthusiastic end of the spectrum.....and after determining his M2 could do with some extra urge ended up with about 700 BHP. The driving performance of the car was predictably "strong"! The only problem was that after a succession of differential failures a bespoke solution was called for.  The M2 had just come out and there was no off the shelf solution to his needs and therefore we embarked on producing a differential solution which worked with the latest generation of BMW electronic systems.

We won't go into all the work involved suffice to say that with the instructions of "Try and break this!" we have provided the customer with something that is not currently in any parts catalogue.

This is a good example of the bespoke packages we can tailor for very demanding applications - and drivers!

Talk to us if you want a differential that is not universally available and meets your precise requirements.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture which was taken before the car was despatched - one featuring the plate probably would not be a great idea mindful of the enthusiasm with which this car is driven!)

BMW M2 Custom Differential