Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience maintaining, servicing, restoring and modifying the full range of BMW M performance models, for owners both in the UK and overseas. Detailed below are some models which we routinely see through our workshops and for which we can supply parts, servicing packages, as well as a number of other enhancements.

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We have a wide cross section of customers, from those who wish to preserve their cars in perfect factory fresh condition, with levels of attention to detail on maintenance and remedial work that cannot realistically be achieved at a mainstream franchised dealer, to clients who actively use their M's and come to us for modifications to further improve the driving experience.

We specialise in bespoke enhancements to these cars and whether you seek an unbreakable differential for your 700BHP monster, want to replace an SMG box with a manual or state of the art DCT transmission, or want a classic BMW with powerful modern running gear...we are here to help realise your vision of the Ultimate Driving Machine.