Our diffs are different.

Our testimonials speak for themselves, we add a special bit of magic into every diff we build to make sure they're the best available. Built to order, to your specification. Take a look at our price list and get in touch.

We love your M3 just as much as you do.

Everybody worries what their car is up to when it's away for work. We know what that's like and that's why we're different. Both Darragh and David have their own M3s. We know BMWs inside and out and test everything we do on our own cars first!

Engines need love like everything does

Down on power? Hearing something's amiss? Bring your car to us and we'll sort it out. Any engine work you need from an oil change to a full rebuild, no job is too big or small, just make sure you get in touch and give us plenty of notice, we're pretty busy!